Meals made fresh

Specialized Just for You

Specialized Nutritious Meals

I cook meals based on your macros according to your goals of adding muscle or losing weight

Guaranteed Results

I will check on you weekly to see how we are doing in accomplishing your goals, to see if we need to change anything with your current plan

Delivery or Pick-Up

Pick up is always available on Sunday evening and deliveries are also available for a charge of $7. I am open to do delivery at your job as well.

Learn How To Eat Better Without Interfering With Your Busy Lifestyle

Freshly Prep’d is a food prepping company that distinguishes itself from others by making customized weekly meal prepping for someone looking towards a healthier lifestyle. My main focus is looking for the best organic and fresh products with limited additives also focusing on adding more greens and lowering the carbohydrates. Some of the meal plans we are currently working on are the Low Carb, Mediterranean, Seafood, Keto, and Paleo diets.

Tip of The Month

I’m currently using Oregano Oil to boost my immune system!

The benefits are: Soothes Inflammation, Antiviral, Anti-parasitic, Allergy Relief, Antibacterial, Weight Loss, Treats Candida, Eases Digestion, Helps with Mood, Cancer Prevention

How I can Help

Here is a list of reasons people hire me to help them with their meal prepping!

Food Coaching

I will explain to you more in-depth about the food style your are choosing to embark on.

Sports Nutrition

I will work with your trainer and follow your macro stats to achieve your goals.

Vitamins & Suppliments

I will recommend specific vitamins and suppliments to you that my trainers and I are currently using that will help your with goals.

Weight Loss

We will work together to get your starting weight, follow through for two weeks with meals and see the progress!

About Gabriela

Chef, Mother, Fitness Junkie

Hi, I’m Gabriela Prieto, the founder of Freshly Prep’d! I was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, but partially raised also in Hamburg, Germany and Miami, Florida. This allowed me to have a pretty broad and diverse cultural and cuisine palette. I have been cooking for over twenty years; whether it was doing home-cooked meals for families or making Tacos in my Food Truck. Food is where I can relate my passion for food to a person.

My Approach

Let’s not call it a diet let’s call it a lifestyle. You have to ease into anything that you propose yourself to change in your life including what you choose to feed your body. Your mind is very powerful that is why you have to make that decision first then your body will align with your new goal. Your body is your temple you have to handle it with care and in order to have a long lasting quality of life you have to invest in yourself. It is your choice either you will pay now for better products, vitamins and food or you will have to pay later on with pain and medication. I can coach you on how to different way of eating, I can coach you on how to budget for your meals, I can coach you on how to cook for your family and kids especially inexpensive and quick meals. I can also get you in contact with personal trainers that I have used myself and believe they will help you achieve your goals as well.

Meal Prep Questionnaire

I am excited that you are trusting me for helping you achieve your goals; just answer a couple of questions to make sure that I am making these meals according to your goals and Likes. Please Note: ALL MEALS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP OR FOR DELIVERY FOR AN EXTRA CHARGE BY SUNDAY EVENING. 

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Client Testimonials

“My friend Gaby is an amazing cook!!!! I’ve known her for almost 4 years now and her passion for cooking has blown me away. She’s always opened and flexible in cooking almost anything you ask for her to cook, depending on your goals and needs as far as calories, carbs, fats etc. All her meals are cooked with love and are absolutely “delicious”!
I highly recommend her:)”
Lucy Ruiz


“As a Fitness trainer, mommy, and wife I was more than satisfied with the meal prep Gaby provided. Not only was it satisfying but it was completely clean! Something to fit my macros but also taste amazing! Time isn’t always on my side so to have someone who understands macros AND can cook is the best of both worlds! I highly recommend her to my clients who I need that extra assistance when meal prepping! Thank you, Gaby!!”
Rebekah Filmer

Fitness Trainer